1,920 Staples Later

I am proud to announce that the final poster has been put up around the uptown area! I did the calculations and at 4 staples per poster, with 40 copies of each of the 12 versions, at least 1,920 staples were put up! Gained a little hand strength on this one for sure! The official showing of the entire MoWall Project is Tomorrow evening from 6-8pm, and if you liked the posters then you should definitely come out. The entire class will be displaying all of their individual projects, in addition to showing all of the work we have collectively put into MoWall. I am planning on uploading a gallery with all twelve of the poster designs within the next few days as well- that way you can see the ones you missed and see the small details. Well, it’s been a long road folks, hope to see y’all tomorrow!



My name is Winters and my project has been going on so far in the background that it might as well be a big secret.  On a matter that may or may not be related, I’ve been painting MoWALL’s molding for reasons that may or may not also be big secrets.

MoWALL molding


Making Room

Hello all. So I am scrambling to finish up this individual project before the official showing of the wall, but with the bad weather and a crazy workload it has indeed been tough. This evening, I went out to poster versions 8, 9, 10 & 11. Obviously this is a crazy amount of posters to put up alone, and with earlier versions still up, I had to layout the posters on the poles wherever they would fit! The result was quite pleasing though; with the posters filling street poles around the campus area, in a colorful totem-esque nature, from the sidewalk up to around 9 feet (I was reaching on my tip toes). Again, I had to do most of my flyering during the night, as the hot summer days are beginning to fall upon us. I have been trying to place my posters both on street poles where pedestrians can see them and where traffic is often stopped. The bright colors and number of these posters in these areas is sure to catch a passerby’s eye. I noticed a handful of versions 6 & 7 down and hope that it is people taking them home as opposed to some uptight maintenance person, ripping them down with disgust. Either way, at least someone is seeing them! The FINAL VERSION will be sent to the printer tonight, though I am planning on waiting until the weekend prior to the official showing of MoWall to put them up. As usual keep your eyes peeled, and if you want to take a poster, feel free, I would be humbled.

Night Flyering

The bad weather this past week slowed down the flyering process, as I didn’t want to ruin the colorful versions that are beginning to emerge. The rain ended up bringing down a considerable amount of the posters, which on one hand was a bit of a let down, though I realized the power of this style marketing campaign as a result. With new versions constantly going up, becoming more complex, and taking on new color, not only will new versions serve as replacements but people will naturally notice them more. By creating a system with my coloring, and setting up a grid system- there is a general consistency amongst all of the posters that draws on the subliminal connection. The final posters should be going up this upcoming week, so as usual KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!

You should be dancing


This week’s theme is Dance, so we had some pressure on us to demonstrate grace, expression, and fluidity without invoking stereotypes. The concept of Dance is incredibly broad, as there is an abundance of styles. Though these endless variations come from different time periods and cultures, they are all portraying the same thing- feeling. Group 2 attempts to capture the power of these diverse human expressions with flowing designs and active silhouettes, paying particular attention to their interaction with the now over 100 images.

With most of the blank canvas covered, the aim now is to add imagery that can be absorbed into the scene.  Each layer is a chance to give added interest to the existing composition. The colors are also getting increasingly flamboyant, covering the more neutral tones and adding some much needed flair to piece as a whole.

Once Dance goes up, we will have only five more layers until the MoWall is complete. It’s been a hell of a ride and part of us will always cherish the experience and the challenge that Mo gave us. But for the most part, we are looking forward to a well-deserved break so we can just sit back and bask in our infinite glory.

More Posters Up!

I have Versions 1-5 postered all round the Uptown area. Versions 6 and 7 have been sent off to the printer and i will be picking those up tomorrow, so you should see those up mid week as well! I noticed that a lot of the version 3 posters had been ripped off the street poles, which leads me to believe not only are people reading and seeing these posters, but like them enough to bring them into their homes! Really flattering honestly. My hands are toughening up from all of the stapling, so no blister pictures this week! We are really closing in on this project, so as always, keep your eyes peeled for new versions and come check out MoWall- it’s really starting to come together!

Intermission!? The show must go on!

Marking the second half of the MoWall project is a splash of warm orange representing theatre. The theatre layer comes at a very appropriate time, for the wall is beginning to look a bit theatric itself. As brighter, vibrant colors begin to appear on the wall, the images are becoming more abstract and intertwined with one another. A problem that arose during our image-making process was the distinction between film and theatre. Theatre is a more personal, striking performing art than film because of the strong connections between the actors and live audience; therefore the images are centered around the classic definition of theatre. Passing the halfway point, the design process added another layer of depth by incorporating dual colors within select images. Some of these images include traditional theater performances such as shadow puppets and puppeteering with marionettes. The images also portray the backstage aspect with make-up mirrors and stage lights.


The show must go on. Bravo to us and our audience.